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Bell Schedule

Jones’ Schedule

1st Semester

1st – Spanish 2

2nd – Planning

3rd – Spanish 2

4th – Spanish 2

2nd Semester

1st – Spanish 1

2nd – Spanish 1

3rd – Planning

4th - Spanish 1

Señor Jones

"Language is the key that opens the door to an entirely different world" Sr. Jones




  • Students may exempt mandatory final exams if they meet ALL of the following criteria:  5 or fewer absences to the class (ISS & OSS assigned by an administrator count as an absence), no more than 10 tardies to a class (missing more than 25 minutes to a class counts as an absence), must have a 75 course average (Cut off days for grades and attendance will be December 9th and May 19th.

  • Senior cutoff days will be different for 2nd semester only and shared in January 2023).


-  2” three-ring binder                  - earbuds (not wireless) for Chromebook                        

-Pencils, pens, color pencils        - College-ruled notebook paper             

- Glue stick

- Highlighters


Span 1 Verb Quizlets

Span 2 vErb Quizlets