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Brent Whitaker

Welcome to the SEBHS Choral Program!


Welcome to the award-winning SEBHS Choral Program!  Forget everything you thought you knew about choir, because this is going to be an awesome ride! 

Mr. Whitaker teaches Concert Choir (mixed), Women's Choir, and Advanced Chorus (mixed).

Supplies that will be needed in this class are included on your syllabus, but I have also included them below.

• 1” (one inch) three-ring binder notebook (with some blank paper for notes), pencil (preferably mechanical pencil), and all music assigned in class (provided by school).
•Pencil (not pen) for editing musical score.

  • SEE IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT CHARMS  and "BAND" BELOW!!  ALL PARENTS BE AWARE, CHARMS and BAND are YOUR PORTALS TO MY CLASSROOM!  Once you learn how to use "Charms", you can see your child's account, what they have signed out, what trips they are on, information about all upcoming performances and practice, etc. etc.  I have included a HELP file on Charms in the box with my Syllabi.  "BAND" is the MAIN WAY I CONTACT STUDENTS AND PARENTS AFTER HOURS, so you will need to get the app on your phone, or log in on computer, or you WILL miss IMPORTANT UPDATES!!  This will be used for communication, group chats, and possibly more in the future!  The link can be found below.  YOU NEED BOTH APPS, but they are FREE! :)

Please don't forget to pay your $40 YEARLY fee for uniform rental and lanyards/scan badges, and software we have to "rent" yearly.  Money is due by the 1st of September, but we would ask that you send it in earlier if at all possible. If you have financial issues, come talk with me. We don't want ANYONE turning away from the class due to a small yearly fee!! 

-Upcoming concerts will be located on the "BAND" App. Calendar!



 EVERY student and parent needs to be able to log in at


(For ease of use, I HIGHLY recommend you use the "Blue" charms App for students on your phone!!!  It is, by FAR, the easiest way to use the program, and is available on all types of smartphones!)  You should be able to access this App by searching your App store for Charms.  It may be called Charms Office Assistant.  Please download the BLUE App.You may also access Charms by computer. The Firefox browser words best at this time. The Username will be SEBHSChorus and your password will be the student’s school ID number (you can change that after logging in) You will be able to see what you have paid toward a certain student trip, how much you have left, what debts a student has, credits they have, receipts for when they bring in payments, etc. etc.  I need YOU to please log in and fill in all personal information such as parents name, email, phone numbers, grade, height, etc. This should literally take you less than 3 minutes, and you will always have the most updated information as opposed to the older school files I have. You will not only be able to see what your student has signed out, but you will always have access to our most up-to-date calendar of events and all kinds of other chorus related items. You will even be able to order t-shirts and other goodies in the near future!


*PLEASE NOTE, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SET UP CHARMS UNTIL your child has been in the class about a week.  (I have to manually add in each student for each class first.) OPEN HOUSE PARENTS: If you did this at open house, then you are already good!


Here is the link to "BAND"



You may contact Mr. Whitaker at at any time with your questions.  I check email very often and can usually respond to you with very short turn-around time. You may also call my office at 912-842-8455, but you will usually have to leave a message this way. (this is disconnected in the summer, so email during that time)

The SEB Homepage is is located at

*A downloadable copy of my Syllabus for all classes may be found on the right hand side of this page.  Also, you will want to look at the Fine Arts Diploma Seal application. Many students strive to get this seal on their diploma, and it distinguishes them when they are walking at graduation, as well as marking their diploma with the state seal!

Thanks for visiting the SEBHS Chorus Website! 

Oh, and don't forget, these classes are hard work, no doubt about it, but MUSIC IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN! SO HAVE FUN!!

SEBHS Mission Statement

 Our Mission at SEBHS is to work cooperatively to ensure a quality education for all learners through relevance, rigor and relationships---every day, every classroom, every student.

Bulloch County School System

VISION: By 2020, we will be a leader in academic achievement, cost effectiveness, and competitive workforce development. We will accomplish this by empowering our employees and working with community stakeholders to create innovative and effective solutions for success.

MISSION: To prepare our students for college and careers in an education model that is economically valuable to our community. We will strive to foster the intellectual and developmental skills of our students, prepare them to be productive and successful citizens in a competitive global environment, and use strategic business planning to maximize limited resources.


SLOGAN: "Creating Responsible Citizens for Colleges and Careers"


Syllabus and Curriculum

Men's Choir

Women's Choir

Advanced Chorus


PARENTS: How to Use "Charms"


Charms PHONE APP for parents!

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Audition to be a part of the SEBHS Choral Program!!  Audition form below.  Simply print this out, fill out the top portion, and then send me an email to set up your audition time!  Super easy!


You can practice the audition song on this Youtube page. Just pick the one that seems to best match where you like to sing!

*If you can't see the whole song, just zoom out your view.   You are really only needing it for the audio anyway, so if you can't read it very well, just read it off of the audition paper as you listen!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Click HERE for the Fine Art's Seal application for this school year!  This is new as of Feb 2021!

Fine Arts Seal Requirements

Fine Arts Seal Capstone 

Community Service Documentation Form

Approved Extra-Curricular Events


Students, please just access this link to download the solo for YOUR voice type.  Audio is also here, so make sure you practice with the piano part you see HERE!  MUST be memorized totally by October 5th, or you will be dropped from All-State and forfeit your fee.   Mock auditions will be the next week.  If you don't score at least a 50% on sight reading, you will also be dropped from the event, and forfeit your fee.  Good luck!!