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The Southeast Bulloch High School Performance Learning Program (PLP) is a program that promotes self-directed learning and offers a great deal of flexibility for our students.  This program is ideal for students who may want to graduate early or for those who, perhaps, had a tough year prior and want to recover credit to be able to graduate on time.  The program may also be ideal for students who are very reserved and would be more productive in a non-traditional classroom setting.  Responsibility and accountability are also encouraged in this program; therefore, the ideal student must also be able to motivate themselves, manage their time wisely, prioritize their workload effectively, and seek assistance as problems arise.

The Bulloch County School System has adopted Education 2020 (E2020), a web-based online curriculum that is accessible anywhere there is a computer connected to the internet, to employ in the PLP programs. The courses that are offered in this online program are of the same subjects offered in the traditional classroom—Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Electives and are aligned with Georgia and National Standards.  The students enrolled in the Southeast Bulloch High School PLP program are not bound to just virtual classes; some students have elected to take virtual courses as well as courses in the traditional classroom setting, especially CTAE and Fine Arts electives.

The Performance Learning Program is available at all three high schools.  High school students (or parents) interested in considering this option as an alternative to the traditional high school experience or to recover credit should contact the guidance counselor of their school.